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2016 Performers

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2016 Performers



The Nighthawks

In the Beer Tent

The Nighthawks

Prior to the start of the main stage show and during the breaks between bands, attendees will be treated to some fine Blues sounds from local musicians.


The Nighthawks are considered the best bar band in the world and have been since they got their start in 1974... at least, that's when the original line-up was solidified with Mark Wenner, Jimmy Thackery, Jan Zukowski and Pete Ragusa. After better than 40 years and a few personnel changes the band has settled in with what may well be their best rendition ever with Mark Wenner, of course, Paul Bell on guitar, Johnny Castle on bass and Mark Stutso on drums. These guys have honed their skills playing with the best of the best in every genre imaginable and those years working at sharpening their skills have paid off. Whether blowing the roof off with the electrified band or doing the same without the aid of Edison and Tesla, the Nighthawks are out there night after night playing what can only be called "Good Music." 

In 2009, Sirius XM’s Bill Wax, having heard that The Nighthawks were playing some acoustic shows, invited the band to record some live tracks for his “B.B. King’s Bluesville” channel. In less than two hours, the band cut almost a dozen tunes. A week later, Bill handed them a mixed version with permission to release. After Bill Wolf's magic-touch in the mastering, Last Train to Bluesville was released on RipBang Records. With the able assistance of publicist Mark Pucci and radio promoter Todd Glazer, the CD won Acoustic Album of the Year at the Blues Foundation’s Blues Music Awards in Memphis in May 2011.


Georgie Bonds


While he had a lifelong love of music, Georgie didn't start performing until the 1990's. Inspired by a Robert Johnson tape loaned to him by a friend, he dedicated himself to the Blues. In spite of a series of health issues that confronted him, including a near fatal reaction to prescription medication, kidney failure, and a double hip replacement, Georgie would not be denied, releasing his first CD, Sometimes I Wonder, in 2001. More challenges followed, both medical and financial, but with a little help from his friends, Georgie released his second CD in 2012, Stepping Into Time, receiving significant critical praise and scoring high in the national Blues charts. That same year, Georgie was inducted into the Pennsylvania Blues Hall of Fame. More recently, Georgie released his latest CD, Hit It Hard, which also received high critical praise and continues to receive significant airplay, ranking high in both national and international Blues charts.

Georgie Bonds

Deb Callahan

Deb Callahan Deb was born and raised in the Boston area and can’t remember a time when she didn’t love to sing and dance to music. She always had her ear to the radio and stereo and was a regular participant in theater, choruses and choirs growing up. However it was at the age of 20 years old, when she sang with her first blues/rock band, that she really felt the most at home and able to express herself through singing. She fell in love with the raw, emotional and passionate power of the blues and has been performing and diversifying her sound ever since. In 1990, Deb moved to Philadelphia, and after taking a few years off from performing, she joined a newly formed group entitled The Blue Root in ’95 where she performed a catalogue of early blues songs by such greats as Bessie Smith, Victoria Spivey, Mamie Smith, Robert Johnson, and Blind Blake to name a few. When this band dissolved, she decided to form her own blues band and the Deb Callahan Band was born. Deb's latest CD, Sweet Soul, has received great reviews and consistently high rankings in the Blues charts.  


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